Each spring as the temperatures warm up, so does the housing market. Even before the snow has melted, sellers are preparing their homes to be listed, and buyers a readying themselves for a search.

If you are among those who plan to buy a house this spring, here are the key first steps you should be taking to get started.

  1. Meet with our team!
    Meeting with a Loan Officer is one of the most important first-steps you can take once you realize you want to become a homeowner. We will review your overall financial situation, go over mortgage options, and help you determine what homes will be within your price range. For this reason, it is important to get started on the mortgage process before you begin seeing properties with your Realtor. Meeting with us early on also gives you a chance to catch and address credit-related issues you may not be aware of. By meeting with your us first, you will be prepared to act fast when you find your dream home.
  2. Find a Realtor 
    Once you have reviewed your financial situation, taken care of any issues, and understand your budget, your next step should be to find a Realtor.  We have some helpful recommendations based on professionals we have worked with. Friends and family can also be great resources for agent referrals. Once you have met with a Realtor you feel comfortable working with, you can begin to determine your priorities and define the parameters of your search.
  3. Build Your Wish List
    Take some time to think about your priorities. This will be a big help once you begin your home search. Work with your Realtor to outline which neighborhoods, school districts, and amenities you are looking for. Determine which features are a preference and which are must-haves. Going into the spring market with a clear vision of what you are looking for will save valuable time and make it more likely that you will spot the house that is right for you when it hits the market.

In many areas the spring housing market can be hectic, but with a little planning, and the right home buying team, you can be sure you are off to a great start on your path to home ownership.

To get the process started by applying for a loan application – click here.

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